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David's Root


Botanical name: Cissampelos capensis

Common Name: Dawidjieswortel (Afr.)

Family: Menispermaceae

This is the root of a beautiful vine-like shrub from the West Coast of South Africa. This plants’ habitat is under threat of farming and should be wildcrafted sustainably and carefully. 


It was used by the indigenous people for stomach ailments and various species of this genus have a rich history of traditional use in the treatment of asthma, cough, fever, arthritis, obesity, dysentery, snakebite, jaundice and heart problems, blood pressure and skin-related problems. Rhizomes (roots) of this species are traditionally used for the treatment of boils, glandular swelling, cholera, colic, diabetes and several cancers. 

Precautions: Always consult your healthcare professional.

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