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Green Rooibos


Botanical name: Aspalanthus Linearis

Common names: Green Rooibos

Family: Fabacaea

Green rooibos is an un-oxidized tea from the Aspalanthus linearis plant. Green Rooibos has a very subtle flavour, mineral rich and very high in anti-oxidants. The tea contains a slightly herbal aftertaste, and brews light in colour which makes it a perfect non-overpowering base tea for other herbs with subtle flavours.



Apart from tea, Green Rooibos is also used in skin care due to the high anti-oxidants, perfumes and food flavourings. 

Green rooibos has been a prized as an ingredient in mixtures or single leaf teas for detox programs to reduce organ and joint inflammation, improve circulation and reduce risks of strokes.

Precautions: Always consult your healthcare professional.

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