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Botanical name: Galenia africana

Common names: Kraalbos, Brakkraalbossie, Geelbos, Kraalbossie, Kraalbrak, Kraalgeelbos, Muisbos, Muisgeelbos, Perdebos, Waterpensbos, Waterpensbossie (Afr,) Yellow Bush (Eng,) Iqina (Xhosa.)

Family: Aizoaceae

Kraalbos is wide spread in the West Coast and as a pioneer plant, often occurring on previously disturbed soil can be considered invasive. The flowers and seeds are not showy.  


Traditionally Galenia africana was used to treat venereal sores, wounds, eye infections and skin diseases. For this purpose, it is often combined with other species, Melianthus major, M. comosus being common co-ingredients. An infusion is taken for bladder infections and prostate disorders. There are records of its use to relieve toothache, a small leaf plug being chewed and held in the mouth. Gargling with an infusion for a sore throat. Kraalbos has also reported to be an affective additive to compost playing a role in plant sugar conversion. Interesting studies are underway to assess the efficacy of Kraalbos in reversing drug resistance.  


The leaves and branch tips are used as an infusion externally for washes, ointments and creams and sometimes in decoctions and teas. 


None recorded by current users. Early records mention blistering of the oral mucous membranes following the chewing of the fresh leaves to relieve toothache. 

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