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Yamu Botanicals

Milky Oats

This full spectrum tinctures is made from Avena sativa Oat grass seed heads. For a two week period each year the seeds are in a ‘milk stage’ and at their most potent. Not only is this tincture delicious, but it is very effective in supporting sleep cycles, calmness, and focus.

Our herbal extractions are all made with organic ethanol and extracted over a 3 or 6 week period with a 5:1 plant to liquid ratio. Tinctures are used to address more acute conditions immediately. The alcohol allows for quick absorption into the body and high botanical concentration causes an immediate reaction. The herbs we use are from the same high quality, fresh and chemical-free plants grown under the sun to support your healing process.

This product contains alcohol, keep out of the reach of children and do not administer to animals.

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