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Wild Olive


Botanical name: Olea africana


Common names: Wild olive (Eng,) Olienhout (Afr,) Mohlware (NSotho, SSotho,) Umnquma (Zulu, Xhosa, Swati,) Mutlhwari (Venda,) Motlhware (Tswana.)


Family: Oleaceae


Wild Olive is an evergreen tree with a dense spreading crown of glossy grey-green to dark-green foliage. Leaves are grey-green to dark-green above and greyish below. The rough, grey bark sometimes peels off in strips. Tiny, lightly scented white to greenish flowers appear from October to February and are followed by small, spherical, thinly fleshy fruits in March to July which ripen purple-black.


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