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Wild Dagga Leaves


Botanical name: Leonotus leonurus

Common names:  Wild dagga, Lion's ear, Leonotis (Eng,) Wildedagga, Duiwelstabak (Afr,) Imvovo, Utywala-bengcungcu, Umfincafincane, Umunyamunya (isiXhosa,) Umfincafincane, Umcwili, Imunyane, Utshwala-bezinyoni (isiZulu.)

Family: Lamiaceae

Wilde dagga is a beautiful upright shrub with a wide distribution in South Africa. This plant is very adaptable to a diverse planting area.  


The flowers, leaves and twigs are used as teas, poultices, ointments, smokables and tinctures with a binter flavor profile.

Ancient and modern documented uses of the plant have described it as a remedy for stomach ailments, skin conditions, epilepsy, headaches and raspatory ailments including coughs, colds and influenza.

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