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About Us

We grow and harvest rare herbs to formulate products for a better and healthier future by cultivating indigenous plants to regenerate land and develop medicinal products.

South African medicinal plants hold significant promise as a means for addressing global health. We support the changes needed to unlock the potential that benefits people and the planet.

Our Vision

  • to be the best healed versions of ourselves, doing the work that we are meant to do;
  • to change the way medicinal herbs are valued and cultivated, as a means to restore damaged land;
  • that the innate wisdom and intelligence of plants, specifically our indigenous plants, is known and their biodiversity is restored;
  • that our healing will come as a parallel action to restoring the land as we gain access to high quality medicinal plants.

Cornerstones of change

We believe that everyone has the power and call to be an instigator of change and that the following three cornerstones support this goal:

  1. Land care
  2. Plant care
  3. People care

Our Products

Our unique indigenous products are grown, harvested, processed and packaged in the Western Cape of South Africa. All of our products are sourced or derived through partnerships with local farmers and include:

We can also offer custom bulk herbs, formulating and white-labelling for your products. Contact us with your specific requirements.

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